Almonds are manna from heaven

by Anna Grefberg

My opinion is that almonds have ravished me :) I love almond milk and have one or two almond-based smoothies every day. I am vegan btw.

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Jun 01, 2012
Almond smoothies are great for vegans
by: Janna

Hi Anna,

Welcome to Joy of Smoothies!

I am glad to hear that you love almond milk too! And that you have one or two almond smoothies every day.

Are you able to find almond milk in the supermarkets in Sweden? Or do you make your own almond milk?

When I was living in Europe I never could find almond milk in supermarkets. But I was living in Spain, and I wouldn't be surprised if the supermarkets in Sweden have more variety when it comes to these kinds of things.

It's also cool that you are vegan! There are a lot of vegans here in California, and it seems to be spreading in popularity. We have several vegan restaurants and also vegetarian restaurants. Plus the supermarkets here sell a variety of special vegan and vegetarian products, such as various types of tofu, veggie burgers, tempeh, veggie “hot dogs” and “sausages” even veggie “chicken”. We almost have it too easy here… at least for vegetarians, that is. Even normal restaurants always have at least one vegetarian option, usually more, but for vegans it is tougher even here in California.

Do you find that it is very difficult to be vegan in Sweden? Or is it easy to find vegan options wherever you go?

I think wherever you are, to be vegan requires that you prepare and eat most of your meals in your own home, instead of eating out all the time.

And almond milk smoothies are super easy to prepare at home and definitely a great addition to a vegan diet!

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