Super Easy Fruit Smoothie Recipe - Quick Green Drink for After Work

Today I am going to show you how to make a super easy fruit smoothie recipe with spinach in 2 minutes flat!

If you have been following joy of smoothies for awhile you know I have talked a lot about green smoothies and the benefits of green drinks.

But you may have wondered just how long does it really take to make one of these healthy concoctions?

I’m going to show you just how quick and easy it is to whip one up.  This was inspired by my own very real post-work hunger attack. 

If you’re anything like me as soon as 5 pm rolls around (or 6 or 7 pm, if you’re stuck working overtime), you race home, exhausted, and what’s the first thing you think when you walk in the door?

I’m staaaaarving.  Sound familiar?

And if so, what’s the first thing you typically reach for?  Chips? Chocolate?  Cheese and crackers?  Or even worse sins?

Green Smoothies: Cure To Post-Work Munchies

It doesn’t have to be that way.  I have found that a quick and easy simple green smoothie recipe is the best fix.

This can be as simple as just tossing whatever I have in the fridge and freezer. 

It works wonders for calming down my stomach and not only tying me over before I can have a proper meal, but also gives me an extra boost of healthy nutrition.

A green smoothie like this one can sub in for the role of a salad, which I like to do as I find it’s not only easier to make but also easier to actually eat. 

Or, if you also like salad, you get a double dose of greens….Drink your veggies!

Demo: Quick And Easy Green Smoothie Recipe

Now this is not the fanciest recipe ever but it is a super easy fruit smoothie recipe.  I literally tossed in what I already had in the fridge…which is not much because I am long overdue for a shopping trip.

Here I show you how I make this easy fruit smoothie recipe the Vitamix Blender.  You can do this with any blender, it just may take longer…


Bag of Organic Spinach from Trader Joe—I tossed in what I had left, about 2 handfuls

About 1 cup of filtered drinking water

Frozen pineapples from Trader Joe’s (about 1 cup)

Chia Seeds About 1 to 2 tbsp


Close lid

Turn on Vitamix

Gradually increase speed to 10

Then flip switch from “Variable” to “High”

Allow to blend for approx. 30 seconds on High

-          Flip down to Variable

-          Speed down to 0

-          Then “Off”

Pour into a glass.

Final Step: Enjoy!

Did You Like This Easy Fruit Smoothie Recipe?

I hope this helps you see just how incredibly easy it is to get your green smoothie habit going.

Have you still not tried green smoothies yet?  Afraid they taste gross or are hard to make?  Or have you tried some but still yet to develop a truly consistent habit?

If that sounds like you…

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