Best High Performance Blender
for Smoothies

A high performance blender can help you make the absolute BEST healthy smoothie drinks possible.

It allows you to include harder to blend vegetables, lots of superfoods ingredients, and more. And it makes the actual blending process smooth, seamless and headache-free.

I promised to help you find out about the best blenders for smoothies, and if I failed to mention the high performance blender category, I would be failing to do my job.

These heavy duty blenders may not be for everyone, as they come with a high price tag, and you can still make basic, delicious smoothies without one. That’s why I also mention some great basic affordable options as well as high-performing mid range options for those of you who fall into that camp.

But for athletes, health enthusiasts, raw foodists and the like, or anyone moving in that direction, you will soon find out that your blender is your best friend.

As you discover the benefits of a primarily liquid, plant-based diet and adopt such a diet, you make a huge investment in your own health and wellbeing.

And if you place a high value on your health, you might find it makes sense to also invest in one of the best blenders out there to maximize your results.

What Are the Advantages
of a High Performance Blender?

Why should you consider a high performance blender like Vita-Mix or Blendtec?

As mentioned above, it’s an investment in your health.

It can allow you eat more greens and other vegetables than you ever thought humanly possible, moving away from a primarily cooked meat-based diet (Standard American Diet) to a more raw foods, plant-based, natural whole foods diet.

How can a high powered blender help you do that?

High power motor and professional grade blades

These blades help you blend tough ingredients, like the parts of fruits and vegetables you would normally toss out…the parts that have the most nutrients.

It will also help you easily incorporate a greater variety of fruits and vegetables into your smoothies and other meals that you would normally never eat.

Make quick and easy soups, including raw food soups

How much time do you spend cooking each night?  Or I should say how much time would you need if you did actually cook every night? 

Like most of us, you probably eat out more often than you should just to save time, but you spend a lot more money.

How nice would it be if instead you could just toss some ingredients in the blender and eat healthier than you otherwise would have?

Make your own healthy snacks

Hummus, salsa, peanut butter, nut-based vegan “cheese” sauces, frozen drinks, ice cream, and more.

Add up how much you spend on the above items on a daily or weekly basis. How often do you buy pre-packaged versions of the above?

How often do you stop at Starbucks or Jamba Juice to buy a frozen drink?

These heavy duty blenders help you make your own versions of these healthy snacks quickly and easily.  You know and control exactly what you’re putting in your body, so you save money while also saving your waistline.

Quick prep and clean up time

When I make smoothies, a lot of time gets spent making sure to add the ingredients in the right order so my basic blender can handle them.

And then I have to clean up by hand all the ingredients that get stuck to the sides.

These high performance blenders blend powerfully the first time around, and they have a self-cleaning function to make all that clean up work go faster.

Unbeatable guarantee

The Vita Mix and Blendtec both have incredible warranties or guarantees in case something breaks.

And from what I’ve heard, these machines are so high powered and high quality that it likely won’t break for years and years to come.

If you try making advanced smoothie recipes with an Oster blender, you will likely burn out the motor eventually. Having to buy a new cheap blender every year or so can really add up over time, and it’s much worse for the environment.

The way I look at it, the main advantages of these types of high powered blenders it the variety of things you can make with it, and the ease of incorporating more intense and more variety of ingredients into your smoothie recipes.

It’s like graduating from arithmetic to calculus. A basic blender allows you to make basic smoothies and perform some other functions, but once you graduate to a high performance blender you can really move on to an “advanced” way of healthy eating.

 Sometimes it really pays to invest in a high-quality piece of equipment for your kitchen.


What Are the Disadvantages
of a High Performance Blender?

The main disadvantage is the price. I know it hit me as a huge shocker upon first glance.

But after the first time I read about the Vita Mix blender, I was excited by all the possibilities. I have been saving up since then, for about a year and a half. It’s simply not something that fits within my normal budget.

Once I got over the sticker shock and started to think of it as an investment in my health, I was convinced it was the right choice for me, and now it’s just a matter of saving up and waiting for the right time for me to finally buy it.

Are these blenders overpriced? Or are they a sound investment in one’s health? Stay tuned  to read more about the pros and cons as well as my analysis and calculations that led me to make my final decision.

We’ve already gone over more budget-friendly options for both basic and mid-range performance blenders, so if you are on a budget, don’t feel like you need to buy a high end blender.

But if you’re after the absolute best, top-notch high performance blender, read on for the best of the best…

Best High Performance Blenders

There are two big name blenders out there that are recognized as the absolute very best blenders you can possibly get. They are simply the Vita Mix and Blendtec.

I have done extensive reading and research on both and they seem to be pretty much equal in terms of power and quality.

Different people will point out certain things they don’t like about one or the other, but they are small points.

I have heard from numerous people that the Vita Mix is the absolute best blender around, and the Blendtec is a close rival. I can’t say which one is better, as I have so far only tried the Vita Mix blender via demos at green festivals and the like, and I have never tried Blendtec.

The conclusion I reached after researching and testing at demos was that the Vita Mix was the best option for me and I plan to buy this one later this year upon reaching my savings goal, hopefully in a few months. Check back at that time for my reviews and thoughts on this blender.

Ready to Buy a High Performance Blender?

There are so many different models out there and extra bells and whistles that you could easily get lost comparing all the different options. 

Here is the standard option for both the Vitamix and Blendtec. Follow the links below to buy on Amazon.  And while you're there, feel free to look around at the various other models.

Click here to buy the Vitamix Blender on Amazon

Click here to buy the Blendtec Blender on Amazon

If you own either one and would like to tell us all what you think or why you think YOURS is the best one out there, please leave a review of it here.

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