Green Smoothie Diet Challenge

I finally decided to give the green smoothie diet challenge a try after learning about the amazing health benefits of green smoothies.

I found the perfect opportunity: starting a new full-time job.

It was actually my first “real” full-time job after university, after working part-time, travelling a lot and living the good life in Spain for a year.

I was concerned that I would have trouble feeling focused and energized and staying motivated while in an office desk job all day.

Does this struggle sound familiar to you?

Boost Energy At Work

Would you like to learn an easy way to boost your energy, improve your focus, and feel less hungry during the day?

What if you could do all that while getting in more nutrients than you can possibly imagine? Just by frequently sipping on a tasty, refreshing energy smoothie?

If this sounds good to you, read on for my first-hand experience with a personal one-week green smoothie challenge.

You’ll also get a bunch of yummy recipes that you can make FAST, plus tips and advice to implement this diet into your own life.

Or if you’re ready to take the green smoothie challenge yourself, you can even make your own mini- page on this site and share YOUR experience!

To get started, click on Day 1,” or feel free to peruse the list of recipes to jump ahead to any day.

Each day will include a more detailed recipe and explanation of ingredients as well as a firsthand account of how well the smoothie worked to boost energy, ensure high protein and get me through the work week.

Green Smoothie Diet “First Week of Work” Challenge

Day 1

Spinach, Bananas, Frozen Mixed Berries, Protein Powder (Breakfast Only)

Day 2

Spinach, Mango, Strawberries, Protein Powder (Breakfast Smoothie)

Spinach, Mango, Frozen Mixed Berries, Protein Powder (To-Go Smoothie)

Day 3

Mixed Herbs, Mango, Frozen Mixed Berries, Protein Powder (Breakfast Smoothie)

Spinach, Bananas, Frozen Berries, Protein Powder (To Go)

Day 4

Mixed Herbs, Peach, Bananas, Protein Powder (Breakfast Smoothie)

Spinach, Mixed Herbs, Bananas, Strawberries, Blueberries (To Go)

Day 5

Mixed Herbs, Peach, Bananas, Protein Powder (Breakfast Smoothie)

Beginner Green Smoothie Recipes

You might notice that these recipes look pretty basic. That’s because this was my first green smoothie challenge, so these are beginner recipes.

I’m sure you’re very busy, and so am I. That’s why I didn’t mess around with measuring ingredients or using complex ingredients for now.

If you’re new to making smoothies, be sure to read about how to make a smoothie before you start, to learn how to make these green energy smoothie recipes the right texture.

The nice thing is, you can probably make most of these protein shakes with ingredients you already normally buy. It’s a great way to get started.

Just don’t forget to check back to the main Green Smoothie page for progressively more advanced recipes, as I will be constantly adding more!

Or add your own experience with the green smoothie challenge!

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