Green Smoothie Revolution Challenge Day 4

Thinking about joining the green smoothie revolution? This is my experience, day 4...

The seemingly never-ending first week of work was finally winding down, and my personal green smoothie revolution challenge certainly helped give me the energy boost I needed to make it through!

Here’s an account of Thursday, my 4th day on this raw food green smoothie diet challenge...

Green Smoothie Revolution Challenge Day 4

Green Smoothie Recipe #1 –
Healthy Breakfast Shake

2 Bananas

1 Peach

Mixed Herbs

2 Tbsp Protein Powder



This green fruit shake recipe made over 3 cups, so much that I couldn’t even finish it all right away for breakfast. I had to pack some of it with me to go.

I’m still not the biggest fan of mixed herbs in my smoothie (maybe I’m just not advanced enough yet), so I liked the second recipe of the day a lot more...

Green Drink Recipe #2 – To Go

2 Bananas

Fresh Strawberries

Fresh Blueberries


Small Amount Mixed Herbs

2 Tbsp Protein Powder



This smoothie also made about 3 cups, enough to fill up a tall metal thermos and give about 1 cup to my mom.

Green Drinks Day 4 Results

The Morning

I felt so full from my breakfast smoothie that I didn’t drink any more smoothie or have anything else to eat until 11 AM!

That must be a new record for me, as I am notorious for my snacking between meals habit.

I did feel very tired today, but that’s because I only slept 5 ½ hours the night before, so I caved and had some green tea at about 9 am.

I don’t like to rely on caffeine for energy, but if I’m going to drink any caffeine drink, green tea is better than the alternatives.

The green tea gave me a definite energy boost but actually gave me a slight stomachache after.

My 11 AM green drink break was awesome for my energy and concentration.

It really helped me survive that last hour before lunch, and get through the challenging training reading material and quizzes.

The truth is, I found myself rationing my green drinks. I only had 1 cup at 11 am, and it was so good that I wanted more, but I was afraid I would run out! I couldn’t imagine making it through the second half of the day after lunch without any more green drink to tide me over.

Lunch Break

It did the trick and kept me so satisfied that by the time I left for my lunch break, all I ate was a veggie wrap I brought from home (romaine lettuce, hummus, sliced tofurky, garbanzo beans on a whole wheat tortilla) and a bowl of vegetarian lentil soup from my new favorite restaurant near where I work, the Veggie Grill.

I didn’t think that would be quite enough food but thanks to the smoothie which tided me over, I left with that just right feeling. No longer hungry, but WITHOUT that heavy “food coma” slump I had faced on Monday when I had Chipotle for lunch instead.

I also got myself through the day by snacking on blueberries...and my supervisor even saw me and commented on my “superfoods” healthy eating habits. Go superfoods! :)

The Afternoon

The remaining smoothie definitely helped me get through those tough after lunch hours...especially that last hour, which always seems to drag on and feel like five hours instead of one.

By the end of the day, I was craving more green drink!

I also snacked on some baby carrots and a little bit of plain popcorn.

The nice thing about this green smoothie revolution was that I wasn’t starving after work...unlike in the past when I’ve come home from work ravenous and on a rampage to demolish any food in sight!

It even helped me feel full enough to workout at the gym, including strength training and swimming, and I actually didn’t eat dinner until almost 10 pm! Something tells me I’m still on Spanish time...

Healthy Smoothies: The Verdict?

This green smoothie revolution challenge has so far really helped me feel constantly energized, and also control my cravings and keep my hunger levels pretty stable.

I never feel too hungry or too full, and I can’t imagine a more delicious and fun way to do so.

Dare I say that, by this point, it was even starting to feel like a new habit?

Moving Forward: Your Turn!

By this point, I had finished my first four days of work. You can imagine how excited I was to get to the end of the week!

And you’ve now made it through Day 4 of my accounts of my green smoothie revolution challenge.

What do you think of these green smoothies?

Are they making you hungry?

Or curious to try this thing called a “green smoothie”?

If so, you’re exactly how I was when I finished reading the book Green Smoothie Revolution which prompted me to give this challenge a try, if only just for one week to start.

I highly recommend you make at least ONE of these smoothie recipes if you haven’t tried one yet. You’ll be surprised how much you like it!

Consider joining in on the challenge, and share your experience on this website.

Otherwise, we’re so close to the end. Fear not, more healthy smoothies are on the way...

Click here to continue to the last day of the green smoothie challenge!

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I hope you enjoy!

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