Green Smoothie Revolution Challenge Day 5

This is the last day of my personal green smoothie revolution “first week of work” energy challenge.

The first week of anything new is always the hardest and longest, especially for a new job.

These raw food green smoothies were just what I needed to keep me going through the week.

Here’s an account of Friday, my 5th day on this green smoothie diet challenge...

Green Smoothie Recipe #1 –
Healthy Breakfast

green tropical frozen smoothie drink in blender

2 Bananas

1 Peach

Mixed Herbs

2 Tbsp Brown Rice Protein Powder



If you read Day 4 you may notice that this is the same breakfast smoothie that I made on Thursday.

Yes, by the end of my first week on the green smoothie revolution challenge, I was starting to run out of ideas.

Next step: creating more healthy recipes to constantly mix up my fruits and rotate my greens... Stay tuned for more green drinks :)

Green Drink Recipe #2 – To Go

1 Banana

1 Apple

Fresh Strawberries

Romaine Lettuce

2 Tbsp Brown Rice Protein Powder



As I was in the process of blending the first smoothie (above), I let the blender run in the background as I prepared the ingredients for this second smoothie and also did other chores like cleaning the kitchen. Talk about multi-tasking!

I faced some difficulties in blending this smoothie…first I had to add a ton of water in the beginning, just to get it blending. Then at the end it came out too watery, even after adding a bunch of ice.

Conclusion? I think I need a better blender...

Green Smoothie Challenge Day 5 Results

Struggling With Energy

I woke up this morning feel really tired…I had only got 6 hours of sleep the night before, which is definitely not enough to support my active lifestyle!

Plus, Fridays are always the hardest mornings to wake up. You’re so close to the weekend! But you still have to wake up early and go in to work one more day.

The nice thing was, after I drank this breakfast smoothie first thing in the morning, it was like I suddenly felt 10x better….instantaneously!

Making It Through The Day

I drank some green tea at about 9 am because I was still feeling sleepy after working for an hour.

Then I had one cup of green smoothie before lunch, at about 10:30 am. I noticed a HUGE increase in my focus and efficiency, and was able to read through the remaining training material much faster than before.

I felt super-charged, energized and actually a bit excited…for the first time on this job!

Adding in Vegan Meals

I headed over to the Veggie Grill for lunch and enjoyed a delicious vegetarian Portobello burger sandwich.

It was nice to see that a vegan restaurant like that was super’s good to be in the company of other people who appreciate healthy food.

Finished up my last smoothie cup after lunch, a nice refreshing treat to get me through the rest of the afternoon before was the weekend!

I survived my first week of work, TGIF :)

Green Smoothie 1st Week Challenge –
The End...Or Is It?

This marks the end of my first week of work at my new job, and also the end of my first week on the green smoothie revolution energy challenge.

What’s the verdict?

Want to know how you can join in on the most fun and easiest way to achieve optimal health?

Click here to read the conclusion and learn how to join in on the challenge!

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